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Strive to deliver the ever-evolving and changing blockchain technology to our users in the most privileged way.

Our primary vision is to create brand new areas with all our knowledge and experience in the developing blockchain universe. We see our users not only as users but also as our stakeholders.

The Biexbi platform is designed to be more innovative and qualified than its competitors in the market. As the Biexbi family, we know that we have all the means to keep us one step ahead of our competitors in this already crowded market. We are confident that the service we provide with this awareness and responsibility will always lead us to success.As the Biexbi family, we offer our users the most useful, fastest, and safest cryptocurrency exchange, allowing them to experience the technology of the future with us. Our founders have been working in the field of blockchain and crypto money since 2010. The works we started in 2019 to establish a new and highly developed technological infrastructure, and the intensive efforts of our R&D team, which consists of top experts in the field, in 2021 OFD YAZILIM VE TEKNOLOJİ A.Ş. It has attained its corporate identity under the name and brand of BIEXBI. OFD YAZILIM VE TEKNOLOJİ A.Ş., registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, provides services by the legal standards of the Republic of Turkey Virtual Marketplace.

Biexbi team; consists of successful and young people who are experts in their field. Working with the enthusiasm we had on the first day, we follow technology with great interest and develop our projects for the future to be one of the builders of the future.

As a Biexbi team, our mission is to ensure the adoption of cryptocurrencies and make them accessible so that everyone in our country can achieve financial freedom and participation. We want to help our users enable them to invest in their future. We 


The biggest problem of users in domestic cryptocurrency exchanges is that they cannot trade at global market prices. Investors can incur great losses when trading transactions cannot be made on time and at the right price. We developed a system to fill the trading gap, which is one of the biggest problems we considered while creating the Biexbi platform.

With our connections with the international exchange platforms Binance and FTX, we ensure that your trading orders are executed at the global market price. In this way, when the market is active, your investments will be traded instantly at the global price and you will be able to minimize your loss while making maximum profit.


We aim to provide local users with the opportunity to access the volume and market speed that causes them to prefer global stock exchanges abroad by providing a convenient interface and professional infrastructure.

 Native platforms can be inadequate for the needs of professionals due to both their low volume compared to the market and some inconveniences in their interface. This situation causes local users, especially those who trade in large volumes, to prefer foreign exchanges. We chose to set up such a platform because we think that the market needs an application that works quickly and efficiently and has a useful UI.

Ecosystems of certain scales are being created that enable new token projects in global stock markets. However, we realized that there is not much opportunity for new token projects on local platforms. Our platform aims to lead different projects by creating ecosystems with similar possibilities.

After confirming that the presented projects are reliable and prepared by a real person or persons, we bring them together with real investors on our platform. The project that receives the most votes by the votes made by the investors is entitled to the investment. In this way, we help the growth of promising projects by ensuring that they reach the user safely, and we also offer different earning opportunities to the users through the buying and selling method.

Among the services Biexbi provides to its users are; common wallet area, a simple and convenient interface, a private key, ease of trading, a high-level security system, ICO, and Biexbi Coin (BXB) privileges.


45% of the 75,000,000 BXB Tokens are blocked in the system and cannot be sold. 30% of the BXB Token is offered to the public. 18% of BXB Token is split between Biexbi Team and partners. 7% is used for advertising and promotion expenses. BXB Token offered to the public can be traded on global platforms.

The 30% IPO tokens will be offered to investors in a 2-step plan, and the 45% tokens that will not be offered for sale will be blocked for 3 years to control the market price. BXB Token raises funds with the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) system, that is, the initial token offering. A significant portion of 30% of all income that our platform regularly earns from commissions every month is distributed to our users in proportion to the number of BXB Tokens they hold in their wallets.

In this way, investors become partners of the Biexbi platform and have a very special privilege that other crypto trading platforms do not offer. E.g; our platform has earned a commission of $ 1,000,000.00 in 1 month. 30% of this profit, or $300,000.00, will be distributed according to the number of BXB Tokens in the investors’ account.

In addition, BXB Token holders will have the privilege of 25% commission fee discount when they choose to pay the commission with BXB Token in all their trading transactions. Users have the right to vote as much as the number of BXB Tokens they hold while voting on behalf of the project they support in the surveys conducted for the projects to be listed on Biexbi. When users need USDT to open a transaction, they can borrow USDT from our platform, interest-free, at the rate of 60% of the BXB Token value they hold.