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Biexbi Exchange Token Sale

BXB token holders get 30% of the exchange commission monthly as a reward by USDT token.

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Our Mission

Biexbi is the Useful Exchange Service!

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Biexbi will be a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that will offers SPOT, futures, leveraged tokens, and OTC trading. We believe that our derivative products are better-suited to current market demand than other exchanges have. We will launch after few weeks and already link our liquidity pool to FTX Binance …. We’ve partnered with FTX and Binance and are backed by the largest liquidity provider in the space. We are confident that we have what it takes to become one of the best crypto exchanges.

We have an all-star team and have proven time and time again our ability to enter a crowded space, disrupt the status quo, and become one of its dominant players.

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Biexbi (BXB) Token

Biexbi Token
Type :
Total Cap:
75,000,000 BXB
Public Sale Cap:
22,500,000 BXB

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General description

Biexbi will be released on the basis of the Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration. Here, the use of Biexbi token is not limited to just the platform ecosystem.

Functions of tokens

By holding BXB you will receive a share of exchange commissions monthly

BXB holders can do trades with specific discounts on fees.

BXB holders can borrow other cryptocurrencies equal to 60% of their BXB worth

BXB owners have votes on new projects and coin listings


Biexbi Road Map

Aug 2020
Research and Start

Start's Project first research and possibility by 3 main team member

Oct 2020
Start of project by Technical and Programing team

Our developers start working on platform trading engine and dabase

Jan 2021
Business incorporation

Business incorporation and head office placement

March 2021
Private investment / Adding new team members

Private Investment by the founder team and adding new technical and marketing team members

May 2021
Advertisement Process

Start sharing information about project on community and collecting marketing team

Aug 2021
BXB Token sale

Start BXB token sale

Sep 2021
BXB Token trade open

Start Trading BXB token on Dex and Centralized platforms

Nov 2021
Biexbi Exchange first Version

Biexbi Cryptocurrency Exchange Open for SPOT trading

Feb 2022
Biexbi New Features Update

Planning to add Exclusive Features to Platform

Mar 2022
BXB Listing on Partners Platforms

List BXB token on other centralized cryptocurrency trading platforms

Q3 2022
Planing Biexbi to in top 10

Planing Biexbi to be in world top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with exclusive features


Super Fast and Comfy Interface

It’s hard to describe how fast and smooth Biexbi site is. It combines static-site generation and intelligent page rendering to selectively preload only the content that matters - give you a blazing fast platform that feels incredibly smooth.



Awesome Team

Biexbi All in One Exchange
Omer Faruk Daglioglugil
Biexbi All in One Exchange
Enes Yusufoglu
Biexbi All in One Exchange
Cihan Misir
Biexbi All in One Exchange
Ipek Agma
Biexbi All in One Exchange
Pardis Khademi
R & D
Biexbi All in One Exchange
Can Inceoglu
Motion Graphic Designer
Biexbi All in One Exchange
Nilay Ozcelik
Art Director

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With our super fast IOS and Android apps you can trade anywhere & anytime easily.

Biexbi All in One Exchange

Press About Us

“ Biexbi - The most innovative platform from the Middle Eas “

“ Biexbi is an innovative platform meant to be one of the finest certified crypto exchanges in the industry. The platform is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that provides SPOT, features, leveraged tokens, and over-the-counter (OTC) trading. “

The Most Innovative Platform From The Middle East

Biexbi, Benzersiz Bir Token’le Geliyor: BXB ile Tanışın!

Revolutionize Your Game With the Biexbi Platform

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